Garage door openers are one of those things that are easy to take for granted. You might well find yourself feeling complacent that your opener works and that you therefore don’t need to think about replacing it.But it’s when things go wrong that you start to realize just how much you depended on this luxury. A big heavy garage door is really no fun to try and open on your own. And it’s likewise not much fun being left outside because your current opener is jammed.Not only that, but you might find that your quality of life is significantly improved by an upgrade. Upgrading your garage door will mean it opens more quickly, more quietly, and more efficiently. And that’s great news.Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to consider getting a new garage door opener in Austin TX.1 Noise One thing to think about is the noise. If you have a very loud garage door opener, this can actually be surprisingly disruptive and become a problem for your neighbors or anyone else living in your home. If you or another family member often comes home late when the rest of the family is asleep, then opening a loud, scratchy garage door can lead to a restless night.Show respect to your neighborhood and help your family to sleep by investing in a nice quiet garage door. Screw drive options are quite noisy for instance, so you might want to switch to a belt drive.We offer affordable rapid-response locksmith services 24-hours a day.2 Efficiency Another consideration is the efficiency. That is to say, how energy efficient is this garage door opener? This might not be something you’ve given much thought to, but actually a low efficiency opener can end up increasing your fuel bill significantly. Not only that, but it can also do harm to the planet. By switching to a more efficient system, then you can reduce your energy bill and at the same time, feel good about doing something better for the planet.3 Jamming Some automatic garage door openers in Austin are more prone to jamming and getting caught than others. One of the worst drive types in this regard is the chain drive, which has a tendency to catch. It’s also an issue if you use the opener for a long time, in which case wear and tear can set in. This can leave you with your garage door stuck open, presenting obvious security issues. Likewise, it can also mean you have to get out and manually fix it, which can even be dangerous in some scenarios. If it jams shut, you might be left parking your car on the street in Austin.If it’s starting to jam a little, it’s only a matter of time before it gets worse. That’s a surefire sign it’s time to upgrade!4 Convenience The great thing about best garage door openers in Austin is the convenience and the access control. They help to boost security, while making life easier for you. No longer do you need to get outside in the rain, unlock the door, heave it open… Instead you can simply press a button on a remote, or even drive over some pressure pads.And this is where you have a range of options. Spend a little more on something newer and you can enhance the smart home features in order to get that great ‘house of tomorrow feeling’. Whether that’s important to you is a matter of personal opinion, but there’s no denying that it feels great.5 Horse Power Lastly, think about how long it is taking the thing to open. If you’re sat there all day, then the motor may not be powerful enough for the size of the garage door. You might therefore decide you’d like to upgrade to something newer and a bit stronger, so that you aren’t in danger of falling asleep waiting for the thing to open. A heavy door might not be well suited to a belt-drive option either, and may require something stronger like a screw drive or chain driver.We offer emergency locksmith services in Austin TX, and all our technicians are highly trained and fully licensed.By getting a new opener then, you can save yourself time, stay inside in the warm for longer, and avoid a serious issue. You’ll help your neighborhood sleep, and you’ll be more energy efficient. Is it time to upgrade?