Garage Door Drum Replacement

Garage Door Drum Replacement

Garage Door Drum Replacement​

Garage door drum damage can be difficult to diagnose and repair. It can dramatically change the effectiveness of your garage door. If your garage door is being noisier than usual or if it is shaky, then the problem could stem from the door drum. We are available to come out on the same day to conduct a full inspection. We can quickly identify the root cause and implement quick fixes on the same day. You shouldn’t let a broken down garage door disrupt your daily routine.

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service in New Haven

24HR Garage Doors are here for you to provide same day garage door drum replacement service. We cover the entire New Haven area. It is important to get your checked garage door checked soon as possible as a damaged component can cause further damage if it is left in the same state. Our team of professionals can conduct a full check of every single component to identify the issues. They then implement the fixes in the most effective and efficient manner. The process is explained to the customer the entire time. Most garage door drum replacements can be done on the same day. This minimizes any possible disruption that you may encounter. All of our technicians value the importance of delivering the best possible care for the customer and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Servicing Garage Door in New Haven

It is important to get your garage door regularly serviced as this can find problems before they become nuisances. It can also keep your door working in the most efficient manner which can save you any electricity bills. Our servicing checks can quickly identify any garage door drum problems. We can then take the relevant action to get your garage door installers back in top condition.

Causes of Door Drum Issues in Garage Door

There are a variety of possible causes that can lead to garage door drum issues. One of these is the natural build up rust and dust over the years. This can be avoided by getting your garage door regularly serviced. The positive thing is that door drum problems do not usually affect the spring. This makes replacement fixes more affordable than most other types of repairs.

The function of Door Drums

The door drum works with the strings to provide balance. This is why shakiness can often be the first sign that something is wrong the garage door drum. There are three types of door drums in total. They are known as standard lift, vertical lift, and the high lift. Most residential garage doors will use a standard lift. Vertical lifts are commonly used for commercial purposes. Our professionals can pick the right garage door drum for you and install it in the correct manner. This will return your garage door back to optimum function. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice any extra noise or shakiness. Our experts are ready to help.