Garage Door Off Track Repair

Garage Door Off Track Repair

Garage Door Off Track Repair

A Garage Door that came out the tracks can be a huge problem. Additionally, an off-track garage door can be a massive safety hazard. It can significantly affect the way you can use the garage door. However, it is crucial to discontinue using the garage door; either manually or even with the automatic switch. An off-track garage door requires repairs as soon as possible. Further use can cause more damage to the door and even result in injury. Any problems with the door; no matter how small should be adequately inspected.

Off Track Garage Door Repair service New Haven

Luckily, at 24HR Garage Doors, we specialize in inspecting and analyzing all types of garage door problems that occur as a result of it going garage door off-track. We investigate the damage carefully and see how every aspect of the garage door is affected. Our team is well equipped to deal with all types of repairs and replacements involving a broken garage door spring.

Even if the garage door panels have come out of their tracks, our team know the best processes to perform high-quality repairs that are done quickly. They follow a systematic process for quickly identifying the problem and getting started with the work required. You can be assured that they will perform the best garage door repair.

Off Track Garage Door Checks

The first step of the garage door fix involves inspecting the entire track. They will look for signs of potential damage, no matter how big or small this is. They will check the alignment of the tracks and also test how secure it is.

If alignment is incorrect, they will adjust it back to the right place. The track and roller alignment will put into the optimal position. They will then clean the tracks of any debris or dust. This will be done with a professional oil which is effective at removing all buildup. Finally, the garage door repair process involves checking the entire structure of the door. The functionality and safety will be checked to try and find any loose or malfunctioning parts.

What Causes Off-Track Garage Doors

There are two main reasons for off-track garage doors. The first reason involves a break in the cables. The cables take a lot of the weight of the door, and they can become critically damaged due to general wear and tear. Most high-grade cables, however, can last for many years before they are affected by this type of damage.

The second reason for a garage door to come off its tracks is due to an obstruction or an object slamming against it. This includes reversing a car when the door was not fully open. Any extra force imposed on the door while it is functioning can cause it to go off the tracks.

We aim to fix all types of garage doors and panels that have come off the tracks. We quickly diagnose the issue and plan the best course of action. Customer’s questions are answered in a transparent manner. We can come out on the same day to fix a garage door that has come off its track. Our specialists can fix the alignment and also deal with any bending within the garage door.